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The best Prams and Pushchairs are expensive, but they are a very important part of raising a baby. When choosing a baby pram, different people have different taste and therefore what is a best baby pram for one person may not necessarily be the deal breaker for another person. There was a time when you have to buy certain accessories relating to baby prams and pushchairs separately, such as a stroller, bassinet, and even a car seat. But today, developers have found a way to combine all of these into one. It might be a little expensive, but it beats having to carrying every single one these products separately.

A baby’s pushchair plays an integral part in his or her growth. You are the driver that helps him or her learn about his or her surroundings. The pushchair needs to be safe, easy to handle, and easy to be put away.

It is important to research what you want for your baby and this is where pushchair reviews come in. You are the one who will be doing all the work. But the utmost importance is safety for the baby. So, find the right pushchair for yours and your baby’s needs.

If you’re that parent that likes to take the bumpy road (literally), look for a baby pram that can handle that much punishment. There are baby prams that are designed to take on those kinds of terrains. You want one that will last a lifetime, especially for the bumpy roads.

In order to help people who may be looking for a new pram or pushchair for their baby we have carried out some reviews of the best prams on the UK market today. Although only three are shown here, you will find the right pram, and best of all, these prams are for parents who are on a budget. Below are three reviews of prams and pushchairs for the United Kingdom.


Infantastic Baby Child Pushchair Pram/Stroller 2in1 with Carry Cot (black-beige)

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This pram has a removable sun hood to help protect the baby from the elements. It’s extra light and it has an aluminum frame. It has a five position adjustable push handle with a cover that is removable and washable. It also has a four position adjustable seat and laying function. What’s even better, there is a practical shopping basket under the chair that can also be used to store baby’s bottles, diapers, wipes, and so on.

It has a reversible sport seat and its cot is adjustable. You can adjust it in a way to have your baby discover the world around him or her.

The carry out cot has a soft mattress. This is an ideal pushchair for the traveling family when the cot can be used as baby’s small crib. The wheels have hard rubbers on plastic wheels.

The pros: Amazon is selling it for 139.21 pounds, so it’s a great price for value. Parents can take baby shopping without the hassle of pushing the shopping cart and pushchair at the same time, and it’s easy to fold and carry when not in use.

The only con: it has a small issue with the chassis and the brakes. They can break off.

This product is recommended for parents who are looking for an affordable pram who are looking for convenience, comfort, stability, and elegance.
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Froggy MAGICA 2012 combi pushchair Anthrazit

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Another great pram is the Froggy MAGICA 2012 combi pushchair Anthrazit. This 2in1 chair for the baby is great. It has a practical 2in1 pushchair (the basinet can be removed for a bigger chair for the growing baby). It has a one-click system that lets you know when the something is locked. It has an easy foldable aluminum frame, and it is very flexible (360 degrees) due to its fixable front wheels.

The reviews from customers on Amazon have said that this pushchair is great and easy to assemble, despite the instructions being in German.

The pros: The pushchair is suitable for those parents who love to go for walks or jogs. It is strong for multiple terrains. Amazon sells it for 127.95 pounds, so it is affordable. It is easy to fold and carry.

The cons: The pushchair does not easily convert from pram to pushchair. The back wheels have some stability issues.

Despite its cons, this affordable pushchair is ideal for parents who are on a budget, but they would like a great product that can be used for rugged terrains.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B0081EIH7K” locale=”UK” tag=”cherrysorbetc-21″]Froggy® MAGICA 2012 combi pushchair Anthrazit[/easyazon_link]

Obaby Chase 3 Wheeler Pramette (Grey)

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The Obaby Chase 3 Wheeler Pramette is another pushchair for parents on a budget. It’s suitable from birth to a maximum weight of 15kg. It changes easily from a pram to a stroller with a multi-position seat unit. It has lightweight aluminum chassis with an easy pneumatic compact fold. It has a removable bumper bar and an adjustable handle, harness and leg rest.

It includes a shopping basket (can also be used to store baby’s things), hood (to protect baby from the elements), apron (to shield baby from the elements), shoulder pads, liner, and rain cover, and it comes with free Obaby five year guarantee to UK and Ireland customers.

The pros: The pushchair is amazing. It’s lovely to push. It has smooth ride on a bumpy paths.

The cons: The basket is too small, and it is too low that it catches on curbs. It’s hard to be steered with one hand. Tiny pebbles would get lodged in the tires. The brake seems to have problems.

The most expensive of the bunch (Amazon is selling it for 189 pounds), this pushchair may seem to be made for what it is worth.

So, when it comes to baby, the features of the pushchairs/prams come to mind. Be sure to find the right product for baby and for you as well. After all, you will be doing all the pushing.

The most important thing to do is do the research. Make sure the pushchair is safe, easy to handle, and that it’s comfortable for baby and for you as well. Make sure that the products are built to last, and that they are exactly what you are looking for. Baby’s pushchair plays an integral part in his/her growing up. From the seat of the pushchair, baby is learning about his/her surroundings, and you are driving his/her potential along with it. You, as the parent, are responsible for baby’s growth. Why not get the pushchair that suits you and baby. This is the one pushchair you may ever need for baby’s growth into a toddler.
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